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2023/2024 Genap

Podomoro University Academic Calendars

  • Kuliah
    29 Januari 2024 - 18 Mei 2024
  • UTS
    23 Maret 2024 - 24 Maret 2024
  • UAS
    20 Mei 2024 - 27 Mei 2024
  • Seminar TA Registration
    - - -
  • Penilaian Sarana Prasarana
    28 Mei 2024 - 03 Juni 2024
  • Evaluasi Dosen Oleh Mahasiswa
    28 Mei 2024 - 03 Juni 2024
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Founded by Yayasan Pendidikan Agung Podomoro

Founded by Yayasan Pendidikan Agung Podomoro, and with full support from the leading holding company, Agung Podomoro Group, has made Podomoro University a perfect place to study. We develop industry-driven curriculum framework and teaching methodology through work-based learning, hence the students will be equipped with knowledge and skills that are required highly and consistent with the needs of business and industry.

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