Admission & Registration

To get the registration form
1. Go to Online Registration webpage
2. Directly to Podomoro University’s Admission office Operational hours : Mon-Fri : 10 AM – 5 PM Saturday : 10 AM – 4 PM Sunday : Closed

It takes 5-7 operational days*. If the documents are collected in accordance with the requirements. *Terms & Conditions applied. – Notes : For Hotel Business Program will takes longer process because there’s interview session. 22

The next process is future student will get Accepted Letter with payment details and due date.

Yes, Podomoro University offers scholarship program through four ways
1. Academic achievement
2. Academic Report Card Selection
3. 12th Grade Academic Report with average score:

Score SPP Scholarship
80 > 70%
75 – 79 60%
70 – 74 50%

Pure Science : Mathematics, English, Physic Social Science: Mathematics, English, Economics Vocational High School : Mathematics, English, depending on the study program taken Sports and Non-Academic Achievements

Level % Discounted SPP Fees
International 70%
National 60%
Province 50%

Example : 1st Winner of Indonesian Idol 1st Winner of National Karate General Academic Achievement

Level % Discounted SPP Discounted SPP Fees (1st Term)
International 100% 100%
National 80% 50%
Province 50% -

Example : 1st Winner of National / Province OSN

Yes, you can. You can find the tuition fees by contact Admission Office Phone 021-29200456 Whatsapp only 0877-8777-0456

Yes, we’ll refund the fees with requirement the future student is accepted in National University* through SNMPTN/SBMPTN with administrations fee IDR 2.500.000 * Selected universities are UI, ITB, UNPAD, UNDIP, IPB, UGM,UNAIR, ITS, UNJ, UNBRAW

For Podomoro University graduates who wish to obtain a legalized copy of academic transcript and certificate, they can submit an email to attention to Sovie Liestiyani (Head of Academic Services)

Documents need to submit :

1. Registration Form
2. A copy of academic record Grade 10, 11 and 12
3. A recent photo size 3×4 with red background.
4. Essay/Personal Statement about “ I want to be…”
5. Letter of Recommendation from school
6. Color blindness test from an oculist (Architecture & Product Design Study Program)
7. Portfolio (Study Program Architecture & Product Design)
8. A copy of valid ID Card: KK (Family Registration Card)/passport for foreigner, KTP (Resident’s Identity Card) and Birth Certificate