Youthpreneur in Action 2019 : LOCAL IS AWESOME

Jakarta, June 29th 2019 – Youthpreneur in Action is back, last year the event held in Neo Soho. This year Youthpreneur in Action was held at Kuningan City Mall with theme “Local is Awesome”. There are 35 start-ups not only from Podomoro University students but there also 7 groups from 5 high schools who also open their booth at this event.

That five schools are:

Kristen Yusuf School

Tsu Zhi Charity Vocational School

Unity High School

Dharma Budhi Bhakti High School

Royal Wells High School

Even though they are still high school students but their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit were very high because they sold products their products were different from those in market. Not only following the trend but also each products had the uniqueness.

On the first day, the judge assessed and evaluated the 35 booths of Podomoro University students, then selected Top 15 to do a Rocket Pitch. The top 15 were present their product’s concepts, advantages and uniqueness to the judges, and the judges give comments and asses the products that have been made by each group. The judges from Rocket Pitch are Tari Agustin (Founder of Cemil Cimol) & Rendy Alfuadi (Co Founder & CTO Homecare24).

This event was not only followed by the Entrepreneurship Study Program, but also students from each program study which divided then formed into a group. They collaborate to form a group, create business concepts, capital, uniqueness and etc. They’re not only offering a product but a service as well.

Besides Rocket Pitch, there’s also seminars and talk shows from various speakers, including:

We also had the guest star that have been awaited by all Podomoro University students and visitors in 2019 Youthpreneur event, Adikara Fardy as the closing ceremony for the Youthpreneur in Action 2019 event.

Before guest stars are presented, there were a prizes distribution for the winners from Rocket Pitch who have been presented to the judges on the first day. The winner divided into 2 category which Podomoro University High School & Student Category.

Those winners are:

High School Category:

Best Booth Category:

Rocket Pitch Winner:

1st place : Browbites 

2nd place : Gewlato 

3rd place : Theo Production 

4th place : Lauley 

5th place : Fresia 

Congratulations to the winners and don’t forget to look forward to Youthpreneur in Action 2020 which will certainly be more exciting and variative.

Writer & editor : Marcomm


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