“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an OPPORTUNITY.”

Peter Drucker

These days many young entrepreneurs are popping up with creative business ideas and ventures with promising business prospects. In line with this, Podomoro University (PU) as an Entrepreneurship-based university under Agung Podomoro Group, continues to strive to provide education & teaching with entrepreneurship values that can be transferred to students (PODIVERS) through various teaching and learning activities.

As a university that continues to grow, with it’s mission to be an entrepreneurial, Indonesian-based and international quality university, Podomoro University (PU) strives to provide entrepreneurial-based tertiary education adapted in all study programs, specifically Entrepreneurship & Accounting. One of Podomoro University’s strategic steps in developing the concept of entrepreneurship is to collaborate with Babson Global Inc. – a pioneer in entrepreneurship education No. 1 in the United States.

With an international curriculum that presents several mainstay courses, one of them is TAEL (Thinking & Acting Like an Entrepreneurial Leader) at the beginning of the lecture, where students (PODIVERS) will be formed to have entrepreneurial thoughts or mindsets and are expected to be able to jump into building business.

APG’s success story as the foremost developer, exposes PU to be a role model, precisely as a new university, which has just graduated its first batch, this year. Presenting overall excellent study programs and integration with APL & PU stakeholders, and through the PUCEL unit (Podomoro University Center of Entrepreneurial Leaders) as a center for PU business incubators, practitioners & professional lecturers will provide intense coaching & mentoring for PODIVERS to build real-business.

 The success of Podomoro University in giving birth to start-up entrepreneurs, has been proven by the existence of several graduates of the first batch PU (Class of 2014) who have succeeded in establishing a start-up business, some even have a PT (Limited Liability Company) and have several business branches.

As one form of cooperation with Babson Global, Inc. PU not only adopted the international curriculum, but also organized a major event titled Entrepreneurship Week 2018 from November 13-16, 2018. Entrepreneurship Week 2018, by presenting successful young entrepreneurs and Prof. Donna Kelly from Babson Global, who came directly from the United States. They explained directly to PODIVERS- prospective future entrepreneurs at Podomoro University, about practical tips and advice that could be implemented directly in their business.

The background of entrepreneurs invited to the 2018 Entrepreneurship Week, coming from a variety of industries, ranging from IT, F&B, beauty, education, to convection. When discussing trends and innovations, the key is in being able to see the gap in problems in society, then making that gap a business opportunity.

But there are also those who see a gap in the industrial market to build a business, so that the market can be fulfilled. The concept of building a business by seeing problems as opportunities and challenges facing the community, it will make business sustainable

Entrepreneurship Week 2018 was attended by PODIVERS with high enthusiasm. PODIVERS gets knowledge, not only in terms of theories learned in class & lecture books, but they also engage in practical practice and have the opportunity to listen directly from the experts.

In addition to getting knowledge sharing from professionals, for 4 consecutive days PODIVERS also had the opportunity to discuss directly in class sharing with Prof. Donna Kelly. In this class sharing session, PODIVERS is guided in building technical matters related to business plan & business creation, both from the marketing side to the steps on how to make the business sustainable.

It is expected, with the 2018 Entrepreneurship Week series of events, providing sufficient stock for PODIVERS in preparing for start-up business in the future, and ready to compete in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, in accordance with the determination of Podomoro University as a leadership-development agent, to create a model new leadership and become an important asset of Indonesia’s young generation to build and develop business in the 4.0 era.

Writer & editor : Marcomm