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Product Design is a discipline that discusses the innovation process of new products that have added value to be used by humans in order to improve the quality of human life and support human daily activities. Product Design emphasizes the problem solving process through several aspects such as user, function, aesthetics, technology, ergonomics, psychology, material, environment, market and production etc.

Podomoro University curriculum is developed based on the industry demands and we ensure our curriculum remains industry relevant. It has and interdisciplinary philosophy that combines art, science & technology to produce a good function and also adhere to the rules of science.


Be a Product Design program that excels in the field of product discovery and development, oriented to innovative products based on mass industry, able to provide added value both business and social and also able to produce graduates who have entrepreneurial, ethical and dignified souls.


  1. Organize curriculum of Product Design  by promoting new product innovation
  2. Integrate aesthetic aspects, functions, and technology while paying attention to social awareness, local culture and environmental sustainability
  3. Participate in advancing the science and profession of Product Design through cooperation and partnerships with related industries.
  4. Organize education, research, and community service in an integrated manner.

Career Opportunity

  • Product designer needs of consumers
  • Product component designer
  • Product designer for industrial needs
  • Simple product manufacturing system designer
  • Entrepreneurs in the field of product design


product design undergraduate programs curriculum


Dr. Susy Fatena Rostiyanti, S.T., M.Sc.

Head of Product Design Program

Dina Lestari, S.Pd., M.Sn.


Aloysius Baskoro Junianto, S.Sn., M.I.D.


Dr. Eng. Chris Salim



jessen - product design undergraduate program student

Learning product design are very interesting to me. Everyday I’m challenged to innovate and create more ideas in developing new products. Not only learn how to explore good design, I also learn how to be a creativepreneur. Podomoro University helps me to sharpen my talents and interests in design and business.

Jesen Santoso

Product Design 2015
trisje - product design undergraduate program student

I have been interested in Product Design, and until now I have not regretted it at all. The curriculum delivered is very easy to understand and interspersed with practice, and can be applied to real projects. The lecturer is also very friendly, kind and certainly competent. This study program is full of surprises and challenges. For those of you who like to design or want to build your own brand, Product Design is perfect for you.

Trisje Milenia

Product Design 2018


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