Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Programs

The Entrepreneurship Program of Podomoro University applies entrepreneurial thought and action that enables students to implement their knowledge and skills through experiential learning involving entrepreneurs of all kinds and practitioners from industries in some integrated project courses. It allows them to create individual values with the spirit of Entrepreneurial Leaders. Thus, the students are also encouraged to creating and developing job opportunities, adding values, having social consciousness, and lead in a global environment. Podomoro University believes that the goals are to be impactful for external communities by optimizing its resources to empower the community.

Entrepreneurship program also develop students’ mindsets in creating values by managing  resources innovatively and creatively.  The curriculum and  learning method is enhanced with the collaboration with the Babson Global, Inc. USA. The curriculum framework focuses on the experiential learning hence the students are able to understand the business creation process. theory is packaged in a learning experiential where students directly execute business creating process. Through the entrepreneurial curriculum, the graduates are prepared to be able to face the industry world both nationally and internationally.


Become an experiential learning based- program that produce graduates with entrepreneurial spirit, able to create values for individual and society, have analytical thinking and able to nationally and globally


  1. Develop entrepreneurial education based on experiential learning that builds knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial character
  2. Contribute to research, development and dissemination of entrepreneurial science, and develop innovations that give benefit to the world of entrepreneurship.
  3. Contribute in solving social problems in Indonesia through entrepreneurial oriented activities.

Career Opportunity

  • Entrepreneur 
  • Intrapreneur 
  • Social Entrepreneur 
  • Investor
  • Business Consultant 
  • Business Coaching 
  • Trainer
  • Politician also 


entrepreneurship undergraduate programs curriculum


Dr. Wisnu Sakti Dewobroto S.T., M.Sc.

Head of Entrepreneurship Program

Dang Arif Hartono S.Pd., M.A.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Sony Heru Priyanto, M.M.


Christy Dwita Mariana S.T., M.M.


Edvi Gracia Ardani M. Par.


Banguning Asgha, S. Pi., M. Sc


Jonathan Gultom, S.E., S.T., M.Bus.


Yasinta Indrianti S.Psi., M.Psi.



sinciera - entrepreneurship student

In Podomoro University, I was not only being prepared as an entrepreneur but I was trained as a leader who needs to understand well about all aspect about existing businesses.


Entrepreneurship 2017
sinciera - entrepreneurship student

Study at Podomoro University and take Entrepreneurship major has been a great experience for me, it provides me with a friendly and comfortable studying environment and taught me how to think out of the box so that i can be an inovative and creative leader and entrepreneur. Podomoro University also help me to improve my social and leadership skill, since it provides me with a lot of self improving activities and communities such as being part of PUCEL, TAEL coach, organizing event and many others.

Elaine Ngan

Entrepreneurship 2017


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