Architecture Undergraduate Programs

Architecture program in Podomoro University provides an opportunity for every student to obtain an education that integrates art and engineering in the field of building architecture with supporting knowledge, such as mechanical, electrical, waterway systems, structures, and so forth.

The learning process emphasizes on applied science based on information technology with design simulation. Students gain industry experiences through organic laboratory activities and internship programs.


In 2020, Podomoro University Department of Architecture will become a leading program that creates a good quality built environment through an integrated education system including theoretical studies and professional practice together with the industries, develops global visions, and produces competent graduates with entrepreneurial spirit, and promotes Indonesian culture. 


  1. Conducting a higher education that teaches architectural knowledge and skills in designing an interdisciplinary built environment through an integrated with professional and practical experiences in industries.
  2. Constituting research activities and community services with a global vision as a form of social responsibility.
  3. Building pride and excellence in study programs through collaborative teaching, research and community service through internal and external networks, regionally and internationally.
  4. Executing a quality control of learning process and provision of facilities / infrastructure that is comprehensive and accessible by each student.
  5. Producing graduates who have competence in architecture knowledge, design skills, responsibility, global vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

Career Opportunity

  • Architectural Planner
  • In House Architect 
  • Contractor 
  • Property Developer 
  • Special Consultant 
  • Architectural Scholars


Architecture Undergraduate Programs Curriculum


Adli Nadia, S.T., M.T.

Head of Architecture Program

Doni Fireza, S.T., M.T.


Santoni, S.Ars., M.T.


Audrey Juliana, B.A.Arch., M.Arch.


Sani Heryanto, S.T., M.Sc.


Yaseri Dahlia Apritasari, S.T, M.T.




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