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Technology in Hospitality: The World That Never Sleeps

The world now has been dazed about the trend of technology. Rumor says that as time goes by, human presence in any operational function in the industry can be replaced by robots or known as artificial intelligence. These past years, additional “e” letter in front of a word becoming more popular, e-toll, e-money, e-banking, e-ticket, etc. The letter “e” here of course stands for “electronic”. This trend is being optimized by the industry to simplify their business process and perhaps cost efficiency.

Not only the industry that involves production processes like manufacturing, service industry also trying to integrate their business process with technology, such as banks, etc. Even in some modern countries government offices also using robots to replace some functions. Lately, we can see robot police in Changi Airport to replace police officer. The question now is if this trend affects all lines of industry? What about Hospitality Industry?

Hospitality industry is known as the world that never sleeps. Hotel for example, is operating 24 hours, the same as hospital, and of course some restaurants and cafes. These industries is running the business to “spoil” its customer or simply to fulfill their needs. Can technology affect this industry as well? The answer is yes. It affects the industry to simplify some process or customer experiences, but it will never replace the main function of human being. Technology are used in hospitality industry to help the worker work efficiently to increase customers experience and to win customer loyalty.

The secret recipe of hospitality industry is with the personal touch of their services. People would come back and being loyal to a hotel or restaurant just simply because the service of the person working in the hotel or restaurant. This kind of touch will never be replaced by any technology. While technology offers unique experiences, genuine service provides warmth.

For a person who travels a lot or travels for quite a long time, homesick is something that commonly happens. Technology of course can offer such entertainment, but the cordiality of human interaction during service process of course can ease a little or significantly can cure the feeling of homesick of loneliness.

This what makes hospitality industry keep on growing from era to era, and always becoming a promising business, depending on the service it provides. Big hotel companies keep on growing their business all around the world and work so hard to find unique and personalized ways to touch people’s hearts through their service.

This what makes education in hospitality industry becoming a high demand program, people are attracted to be part of this “never sleep” business, a business that always promising, always alive.

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Writer : Douwes Lasmana, M.I.Kom, CPC
Editor : Marcomm