Teachers Gathering 2019 : Real Heroes Teach

In order to show our appreciation and gratitude to the teachers who have sent their students to continue their education at Podomoro University, we held a Teachers Gathering 2019 with theme Real Heroes Teach which was held at Podomoro University on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019. Teachers Gathering Event still included in the 6th Podomoro University Anniversary event. In this event we invite teachers from schools around Jakarta and Bekasi. Of course this event is also useful to maintain good cooperative relations.

Through this event, Podomoro University invited Mr. Wisnu Dewobroto to give a few games and workshops so the teachers who came also felt the atmosphere experienced by Podomoro University students when they took classes. Mr. Wisnu’s workshop had 3 games, there were:

1.  Build towers using spaghetti, marshmallow, string, and paper tape.

2. Drawing their game partner’s face on paper.

3. Use eyes patches and listen to a little footage of a movie to express their emphaty.

Through these games, the teachers were very enthusiastic and even commented on how they felt when using eye patches but could not see what their hear. Laughter also heard throughout the room as they drew the faces of their partners. And of course, the teachers were taking seriously when disscusing the strategies in how to build towers or buildings using only existing equipment

Next after Mr. Wisnu’s session finished, the teachers listened to Ms. Mira Hoeng’s sharing. She was a graduate from Textile Design at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, Then, she joined Fun Characters International (Master Licensee from Walt Disney) in Singapore as a Product Development Manager, specializing in Fashion products. Three years after working there, The Walt Disney Company took over the FCI and Ms. Mira Hoeng moved to join PT. Walt Disney Indonesia in 2013.

3 years later, in 2016, Ms. Mira Hoeng decided to pursue her dream as a textile designer. 1 month after that, Ms. Mira Hoeng launched MIWA. As a designer, Ms. Mira Hoeng always believes in quality products that are meaningful and have strong stories to inspire others. Ms. Mira Hoeng shared her high school experience, about how she learned about entrepreneurial spirit when she was studying at SMAK Penabur 1, Tanjung Duren.

Not to forget, Podomoro University also gave appreciations to the teachers for Podomoro students who succeeded in getting the title of Best Graduate in Graduation Podomoro 2018 and The Most Outstanding Student in Architecture. After the awards and prizes, we invited the teachers for campus tour so they could see the all facilities at Podomoro University.

We are very happy for this opportunity that we could share stories and chat with the teachers together. We hope in the future Podomoro University can hold again the similar event and definitly will invite more teachers from various schools and regions. Hopefully this cooperation and good relations always could be established between high school teachers and Podomoro University. Real Heroes Teach 2019

Writer & editor : Marcomm