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Talent Camp Asia CAD+T 2019

In the current industrial development has undergone many changes and led to a better direction in the efficiency of production process systems in any field. The term Industry 4.0 has emerged that has a meaning is a trend in the industrial world that combines automation technology with cyber technology. The industrial revolution 4.0 will bring many changes with all the consequences, the industry will be more compact and efficient. But there are also risks that may arise, for example the reduction in Human Resources because it is replaced by a machine or robot. The world today is looking closely at the 4.0 industrial revolution. Millions of opportunities are there, but on the other hand there are millions of challenges that must be faced.

What exactly is the industrial revolution 4.0? Industrial Revolution 4.0 is marked by the development of the Internet of / for Things, its presence is so fast. Many things that were unthinkable before, suddenly appeared and became a new innovation, and opened up a very large business area. The emergence of transportation with ride-sharing systems such as Go-jek, Uber, and Grab. The presence of the industrial revolution 4.0 indeed presents new businesses, new jobs, new professions that were unthinkable before.

To enhancing industries in the field of Furniture and its supporting elements, Podomoro University supported by Crona Glue, Carta HPL, Blum Fitting, Felder CNC Machine and PIKA Academy Semarang hold CAD+T Talent Camp. Event that combines the concept of “Design Learning mix Competition” using the media design software CAD + T products from the official license of Austrian state. This activity prepares Talent Camp participants to understand the process of making Furniture Products with Design software technology that integrates design and production process automation using CNC (Computer Numeric System) robot machine technology.

This event was opened by CAD + T Management. The activity was held for 5 days from Monday 21 October 2019 – Friday, 25 October 2019, the training was held for 3 days, 1 day for the competition & the last day for the closing ceremony. Participants were divided into 2 categories Beginner & Advanced, with a total of 50 participants, consisting of high school students, Product Design Students, Architecture & Design practitioners and continued the realization of product design results at Pika Semarang SMTIK on 28 October 2019 -31 October 2019 specifically for the winners of the competition ranked 1,2,3.

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