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Soft Launching Faculty of Tourismpreneur “Where Tourism Meet Entrepreneur”

Jakarta – Podomoro University always commit to be able to give the best contribution not only to students, but also to the wider community. Podomoro University’s commitment to become an educational institution are effective, efficient, productive, creative, innovating, to highest quality, and relevant to the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education, in order to improve the nation’s competitiveness in the global era and area, demonstrated by the inauguration of the new Faculty at Podomoro University namely the Faculty of Tourismpreneur which was inaugurated today, Monday 9 September 2019 in exactly 9:00 am at Podomoro University Auditorium. The event attended by University Senior Management, there are Mr. Serian Wijatno as the Foundation Secretary, Podomoro University Rector Mr. Bacelius Ruru, SPMI Chairwoman Santi Palupi, Academic Vice Chancellor Ms. Maria Priharidjanti, and Non Academic Vice Chancellor Ms. Ani Kusumadewi. In addition, the event was also attended by Head of Batch 1 alumni Alexander Kennedy, Head of the Hospitality Business Association Ibrahim Pasha, Head of BEM Valentina Sinciera and BEM Deputy Kevin and all 2019 Hospitality Business students.

Dea Prasetyawati as the Faculty Dean of Tourismpreneur explained the future goals and targets of the new faculty. She said in the future, the Faculty of Tourismpreneur will consist of study programs not only in the Business Hotel program but will also produce new study programs that are compatible with the faculty of Tourismpreneur.

Of course, with the opening of the new faculty, there are targets or goals to be achieved, namely:
The best tourism faculty in Indonesia with an entrepreneurial based field of Indonesian Culture and International Quality within 2025.

On the other side, the soft launching program of the Faculty of Tourismpreneur, there were special guests from our outstanding alumni including Juliana, Ricky Anderson and Theopilus Hans Business Hotel Program class 2015 students.

Juliana was the Head of the OMB Checkpoint event and Head of Batch 1 Graduation ceremony, after graduating from Podomoro University Juliana now is working as a Revenue Analyst at Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.

Ricky Anderson also made many achievements during his studies at Hotel Business Program, including:
• Silver Medal in Modern Asian Style (Live) @ 10th Bali Salon Culinarie Individual Hot Cooking 2018
• Bronze Medal for Modern Western Style Main Course (Pasta) Battle of the Chef 2018 Penang Malaysia
• Bronze Medal for Modern Western Style Main Course (Chicken) Battle of the Chef 2018 Penang Malaysia

Similar to Ricky, Theophilus Hans also made many achievements in various prestigious competitions and events, such as:
– Top 8 Masterchef Indonesia Season 5
– Koko Deputy 2 of 2016 (Koko Cici Jakarta 2016)
– Koko Indonesia Best Talent (Koko Cici Jakarta 2016)

Besides shared their achievements, they also shared the most memorable values during their education as Podomoro University Hotel Business students, such as open up opportunities for connections and the lecturers who always supported any students activities and embrace students, also guide them just like their own family member.

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