Sharing Session: How to Be a Young and Successful Entrepreneur

Facing and seeing problems that occur everyday are common to us. But be able to see opportunities in these problems and process them into something innovative is a difficult thing to do. Most of us are afraid to start a business because of the limitations we have and the risk of failure that cannot be predicted. At Podomoro University, students are taught to be able to develop business ideas into business units that are able to produce results.

By raising the concept of the younger generation to open business opportunities, Wallstreet English Jakarta in collaboration with Podomoro University held a sharing session. The event which was held on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 located in the Podomoro University Entre Area presented Podomoro University Students, who already have their own businesses with creative and innovative products in responding to community problems.

The activity began with the opening speech from Ms. Tiur Maharani, Center General Manager of Wallstreet Central Park Mall and Ms. Nadira Nunki, Head of Marketing Communication as a representative from Academic and displaying a short video about student activities in various study programs at Podomoro University. The activity continued with a sharing session with Elaine Ngan – one of the PUCEL Coaches, Vian Sebastian – CEO of Browbites, Irfan Setiawan and Florence – CEO and Business Development Ilios. This program moderated by Mrs. Ria, we discussed the experiences experienced by this young entrepreneur, starting from the background of the product, the obstacles they face and the solution, as well as sharing tips and tricks so that millennials dare to try to start a business.

Not only through the sharring session, the activity participants were also provided with a short workshop based on TAEL (Think and Act Like Entrepreneurial Leader), one of the compulsory courses for each study program at Podomoro University. Participants were divided into two groups and given the main problem of traffic jams in Jakarta and looked for various possible solution ideas that could be developed, made prototypes or sketches of the products and presented them. This activity is certainly useful not only for participants who attend but also opens up new knowledge about the problems that occur around us, so as to make us learn from one another. It is hoped that this activity can be done another time and of course also opens opportunities for others to be able to exchange opinions about the problems that occur around us.

Writer & editor : Marcomm


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