An Epic Podomoro University Collaboration with Advanced Cooperatives

In a business process, looking for ideas to build a new business, maintaining commitment, and fixing the deficiencies are one of the most frequent problems we faced. Generally, once we faced an obstacle, it occurs a failure and unable to find way out, future entrepreneurs will give up so easily. In line with Podomoro University’s commitment in the field of entrepreneurship, Podomoro University together with Koperasi Maju as a forum for various Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) answers the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs by making a breakthrough so that entrepreneurs can still be able to survive facing competition.

In collaboration with various study programs from Podomoro University, Koperasi Maju holds curation activities for members of Koperasi Maju UMKM. The activity which was carried out on August 24th, 2019 at Podomoro University received a pretty good response from members of Koperasi Maju. In this activity, the owners of UMKM bring their products and consultations from variations of ideas, packaging, market segments, and the legality of their products to lecturers who are experts.

On the other side, Podomoro University together with Koperasi Maju also provided future entrepreneurs with seminar activities with theme “The Rise of Loyalpreneur”. The activities carried out at Global Sevilla School and Prasadha Jinarakkhita divided into two sessions, first Maju Insight with speakers such as Andy F. Noya (Chairman of the “Kick Andy” Foundation), Gupta Sitorus (Principal at Sandpiper Creativepreneur & Brand Specialist), and William Gondokusumo (CEO – Social Campaign Specialist); and Maju Class with speakers from Gapura Digital with the theme “Google for My Business”.

In this session, Podomoro University also participated as representatives. They were Dr. Wisnu Sakti Dewobroto, Dr. Fajar Sugianto, S.H., M.H., and Riyo Hanggoro Prasetyo as speakers who gave seminar with themes ‘Enhancing Business with Consumer Desired Products’

The purpose of this session is to give participants an idea of ​​how to create and develop business in accordance with consumer needs and provide participants with an understanding of product intellectual property in order to legalize products or prevent product similarity. These basic concepts and ideas are expected to be able to increase Indonesian entrepreneurs in global competition.

Writer : Marcomm
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