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Podomoro University also Preserves Indonesia’s Batik Cultural Heritage

Jakarta, October 4th 2019 – In order to celebrate 10 years of Batik as a legacy of Unesco, Podomoro University’s Product Design Study Program supported by JKT Creative, Jakarta Textile Museum and the Community of 22 community held an event name The Story of Batik held at Neo Soho Mall 3A floor on September 27th 2019 – October 6th 2019. The event will be held to celebrate the National Batik Day which falls on October 2nd 2019.

The opening ceremony was held on September 27th, 2019, enlivened by Primenova, UKM Band Podomoro University as well as a few speeches from Mr. Welly Adi as Head of Marketing Communication Central Park Mall and Neo Soho, Ms. Ariesa Pandanwangi as Chairperson of the 22 Community, and Ms. Maria Prihandrijanti as Vice Rector of Academic Podomoro University.

In a series of The Story of Batik events, a talk show “Batik as a National Identity of Indonesia” was held by Mrs. Ariesa Pandanwangi as the Chairperson of the 22 Community, Mr. Budi Darmawan as the Batik Expert in the Communication Forum for Talbatuk Batik Kampoeng Development and the Indonesian Batik Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs Association, Nurul Primayanti, Podomoro University Product Design Lecturer.

Interestingly in this talkshow, we directed and taught on how to carry out Batik activities and create modern and meaningful batik motives. So that in the future, batik activities can be enjoyed by young people. Create flexibility on batik activities where could be done like in public areas such as cafes, campuses or communities.

There is also a Cold Wax Batik Workshop by Gutha Tamarind aimed at high school students from several schools in Jakarta along with Podomoro University Product Design Students. This workshop was followed with great enthusiasm by them. From this workshop, the participants learned batik activities, so that they became more aware that batik was a work of art with high value.

Besides The Story of Batik activity, visitors not only can enjoy some batik works but also they can come to the Jakarta Creative Hub booth that sells various kinds of merchandise.

Let us together love and preserve Batik as an Indonesian Cultural Heritage!

Writer : Marcomm
Editor : Marcomm