Podomoro University Startup Students Entered 100 Best Student Startups in Indonesia and Join Indonesian Student Startup Acceleration

The young generation and students are the nation’s assets that have great potential in contributing to building digital technology-based businesses to strengthen the nation’s economy. The Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ditjen Belmawa, Kemenristekdikti) continues to encourage and facilitate the development of startups built by students in the form of 2019 Indonesian Student Startup Acceleration activities. 2019 Indonesian Student Startup Activity has the aim of increasing entrepreneurial motivation and building a startup ecosystem in Indonesia among students.

This program is implemented to accelerate 100 student startups throughout Indonesia based on digital and the best technology to develop into a global startup. Podomoro University through PUCEL participated in the 2019 Indonesian Student Stratup Acceleration activities along with Podomoro University Entrepreneurship study program students namely Muhammad Kahfi Jusup and Andre Wijaya through Safalook.

Safalook is a platform that can facilitate your vacation needs. Safalook provides a market platform for travel services and we even provide information about hot spots to visit, lodging reservations, plane tickets, train tickets, and other information. Safalook has a vision of increasing the potential of Indonesian tourism such as the Borobudur Temple, Lake Toba, Mount Bromo, the Komodo National Park, and other Indonesian tourism sites to become the best tourism destinations in the world.

Safalook has followed the initial stages of this activity by uploading pitchdecks, presentations and product links on the SIM-PKMI website on August 20th, 2019. All uploaded proposals were selected by professionals or startup founders set by the Director General of Belmawa, Kemenristekdikti. Based on the announcement set by the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs, there were 100 proposals that successfully passed the selection stage, and Safalook was one of them.

In his presentation, Safalook explained about the objectives for the next five years, one of the goals is the development & branding of complete products that can acquire the market. Safalook also explained the facilities provided, the advantages and a more in-depth explanation of how to work and use of the Safalook application.

The series of Indonesian Student Startup Acceleration activities namely the Startup Accelerator Camp, the mentoring process and will take part in the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Expo (KMI) 2019. The Startup Accelerator Camp will be held on September 16th-19th September 2019, students who successfully pass the selection stage will be given a material briefing in the form of workshops, seminars, and coaching by startup founders or startup professionals who have succeeded in preparing students to present / pitch in front of Angel Investors. The next stage is the mentoring process with the Indonesian founders startup, in this process a selection will be conducted to determine the selected participants who will participate in Business Pitching together with the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Expo 2019.

Safalook has had the opportunity to pass to the next stage, so that later Safalook can share the experience and knowledge gained with other Podomoro University students so that they can get the same opportunities as Safalook. Congratulations and success always Safalook!

Part of : PUCEL

Writer : Jessica
Editor : Marcomm