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“Pesona Fermentasi Nusantara 2019: When Fermented Drinks Promoted to the Next Grade”

JJakarta, June 25th, 2019 – Welcoming the 6th Anniversary of Podomoro University on July 17th, 2019, Podomoro University organize some various events in this past week. One of the study programs that participated in the event was Hotel Business Program. Hotel Business Program of Podomoro University supported by Regional Governments of Bangka Belitung, Jalansutra Community and Indonesian Food & Beverage Executive Association Bali (IFBEC) organize an event “Pesona Fermentasi Nusantara 2019: When Fermented Drinks Promoted to the Next Grade”.

“Podomoro University as an educational institution, especially Hotel Business Program, in order to participate in preserving the unique culture of various fermented drinks will carry out an event “Pesona Fermentasi Nusantara 2019: When Fermented Drinks Promoted to the Next Grade”. Through this event, the diversity of local fermentation drinks can be introduced further to all stakeholders in Indonesia’s tourism sector, both from the central / regional government, business actors, and also media. This activity is our effort in building a roadmap where at the end of the road map we hope that Indonesia also has the same characteristics as Japan with Sake, South Korea with Soju, and France with Wine, ” said Vincent Sylvester, Head of Hotel Business Program of Podomoro Universitty.

Keynote speakers who participated in this events are Isyak Meirobie (Deputy Regent of Belitung), Harry Nazarudin (Jalansutra Community), Ketut Darmayasa (Head of Indonesian Food & Beverage Executive Association Bali), Dea Prasetyawati (Dean of Social Sciences Faculty of Podomoro University) and moderated by Yohana Margaretha (News anchor of Metro TV)

As a series of events from Pesona Fermentasi Nusantara 2019, there will be several competitions, including Photography, Cocktail and Mocktail Competition. After those competition, there will be also a Cocktail Party & Show.

Previously, Podomoro University had successfully organized a series of events called “Pesona Nusantara” such as Pesona Manis Nusantara 2016, Pesona Pedas Nusantara 2017, and Pesona Rendang Nusantara 2018. By organizing those events, Podomoro University had a goal to foster a sense of responsibility for students by working on some project events as part of real practice from the theory that has been obtained in a series of Marketing program courses synergized with the subject of Human Resources Management, and Organizational Behavior at Podomoro University.

This learning process also provides experience for students to be able to work with other students. Thus, the involvement of all students of the Hospitality Business program in this kind of activity is one of the keys to the successful implementation of Pesona Nusantara series of events.

Writer & editor : Marcomm