Innovation Award 2019 Agung Podomoro Group/Agung Podomoro Land

For 50th anniversary, Agung Podomoro Group / Agung Podomoro Land (APG / APL) for the first time held an Innovation Award in APG / APL environment and its business units. APG / APL management collaborated with Podomoro University in the preparation, organization and evaluation of this activity.

Innovation as a new idea that applied to initiate or improve the quality of a product, process, or service. The aim of Innovation Award 2019 expected to create an innovative work environment, to support the development of ideas in various fields to overcome problems, and to improve individual and group performance in the APG / APL environment. In this activity, as one of the Higher Education Tridarma activities, namely Community Service, Podomoro University lecturers assisted the committee in preparation including formulating the direction of this activity, organizing, and initial evaluation of the APG / APL 2019 Innovation Award.

Scope of Innovation Award 2019 activities includes proposed innovations within the APG / APL environment to find solutions of a problem in Innovation Award 2019 participant’s work area, and the resulting innovation can be in the form of products, services, or systems, which have an impact on costs, quality, and time in business units and / or APG / APL. In its implementation, Podomoro University lecturers provide competition schedule, thought and concept, as well as training and mentoring to Innovation Award participants.

The APG / APL 2019 Innovation Award activity initiated by the APG / APL Holding Company and the APG / APL Human Resources Division as the Organizing Committee. This activity was officially launched on September 18, 2018, in celebration of Podomoro’s 49th Birthday.

In its implementation, the Organizing Committee took Podomoro University to formulate this competition in a mutually agreed Terms of Reference. Based on the terms of reference, Innovation Award 2019 activities has launched by the Organizing Committee operationally, with a schedule for organizing from October 2018 to September 2019. The role of Podomoro University Lecturers will then prepare training for the participants and provide assistance to each innovation group in the process of developing ideas and their implementation.

APG / APL Innovation Award 2019 can be attended by all employees of Agung Podomoro Group / Agung Podomoro Land regardless of position. There were 27 groups of participants who registered to take part in this activity with the titles of their respective innovations. Groups that have submitted proposals will conduct training activities held at Podomoro University and mentored by lecturers from Podomoro University in writing the proposal. Proposals submitted to Podomoro University will then be reviewed and 10 best groups will be selected to proceed to the next stage and make a final presentation.

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