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How to Create Table Lamp Base on Design & Exploration

In a house, the process of interaction is important. Houses are planned to accommodate the needs of residents to interact. The process of this interaction can be supposed to occur between family members, it can also occur between colleagues or guests. As a result of the importance of this interaction process, it is very important to create the impression of being relaxed, warm, and calm in your guest room. Why living room? Because living room is a place usually use to gather around with colleagues or guests who visit your home.

The interaction can also be done in guest room, dining room, or kitchen when you hold a cooking event together, but most interactions between you and your guests occur in the guest room. Because the living room is the space you use most often in the process of interacting with your guests, you should be able to create a comfortable impression for your home. You can come up with a comfortable impression by presenting lighting products that are placed according to their design and function.

One of Podomoro University’s product design students has produced the product with an interesting design concept with a towering table lamp concept in the form of a triangle. The design process begins with an ideation phase which carried out for 2 weeks in a studio design product course and the results of the design phase are continued to the product development stage using cardboard material, which in the design analysis process requires a stage identification of size and construction to determine the feasibility of table lamp products in accordance with a predetermined concept.

In the design development phase, students improve products that have been made with the material they choose in order to ensure that the table lamp products are in accordance with the design theme, iron plate material selected and processed with a plate bending system, an iron welding process to combine between materials, and plate perforation in certain areas. In this case, the improvement of the table lamp products is done in stages with the expected quality. To enter the stage of the lamp wiring using LED type has also taken into account with the quality of the glow, the process of wiring in accordance with the conditions at the bottom of the table lamp, and on the upper side of the field has given a cover with 2mm milky acrylic material that serves to get the effect of refractive rays equally. At the bottom has given a wooden polywood cover that serves to close the LED circuit inside the lighting product.

Jovian Ivan mahasiswa Desain Produk Angkatan 2017 di mata kuliah Product Design Studio-1 dengan dosen pembimbing Aloysius Baskoro Junianto

From the series of design stages conducted by students, they provide information for work processes that are often carried out by product designers in general, where the exploration phase is very necessary to minimize the stages that are considered inappropriate, and the product results can ultimately be realized to its full potential in accordance with its function as product completeness in a residential house.

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Writer : Boyke Yanus Anshory, S.Sn., M.Ds.
Editor : Marcomm