Hospitality Industry After Covid-19

Entering two months of online learning in the Faculty of Tourismpreneur due to government policies related to the Covid-19 case, all lecturers and students undergo a transition phase with different times of adjustment. After all, many questions arise about the hospitality industry after Covid-19?

Seeing, feeling and experiencing this pandemic is not easy for the players in hospitality industries, starting from the declining number in occupancy to the closure of various activities within the industry, making all parties take a step back to observe about what is exactly happening. No one is ready for this condition but quick adaptations must be made to survive during this time of pandemic. This includes educational institutions of vocational studies like Hotel Business Program under the Faculty of Tourismpreneur which felt direct impact such as pending in alumni recruitment, cancellation of internship activities and other changes that are related to academic activities, with the objective of giving the students industrial experiences with all the limitations, but somehow, the speed and ability of decision making still need to be done.

Observing more than 30 articles, where the findings lead us to a red line about what are the things that must be emphasized during this kind of time; environment sustainability, humanity and hope. Hotel industries are now getting more creative in order to cater those 3 things. A delicate marketing plan for room sales to ensure promising performance on business stays, Restaurant create some creative manoeuvre, for example,  buffet is now replaced by personal packaging meals, cutleries are prepared differently to make sure the hygiene, push strategy on room service, etc and these are all being well thought of with the consideration of so many things including pricing strategy. The same goes to education sectors, campus are required to design a creative learning environment, optimising technologies and visuals, programs that tighten student-lecturer relationships that are not only related to academic activities, etc.

It is confirmed that the pandemic will have a long term impact, but on the other hand, as a human being we also have a very high and adaptative survival abilities. This leads to another question, Will there be any hope for Hospitality Industry? The answer is definitely yes, with a note to 3 things mentioned above. Are executive decisions made with the consideration of environment sustainability, humanity and also hope?

Frauke Fischer, The Founder of Agentur Auf! revealed “Covid-19 is a zoonotic disease – one that is transmitted from animals to humans. More than half of all diseases that emerged in the last decades belonged to this group. Scientists believe, that the present pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg. Such diseases spread when rainforests are cut and wildlife is sold on “wet-markets”. The more we destroy intact ecosystems, the more diseases will spread! Future sustainability efforts of the hospitality sector need to take into account that saving rainforests is much more than protecting nature. It is about protecting your business – much more than you might think.”

Humans are currently being taught a lesson by the universe to look back on their life goals and how protecting the environment is very important in the survival of a business. So many observations, analyses and data as well as facts that show the condition of improving air quality, improving environmental conditions and the most basic is improving the quality of one’s life. Life becomes slower but gives more meaning to the purpose of life.

In terms of business, there are several things according to experts that can be done at this time: focus on changes in customer experience, focus on the switch in customer perceptions, focus on the shift in consumption patterns, focus on quality asset management, and collaboration with Start-ups that can help organizations.

To summarize, and answering the question on how the hospitality industry after covid-19 case all of the human as mentioned before, it definitely will bounce back, not easy, tough, but will certainly there is a hope. Because that’s the nature of humans who have high survival power, given the intellectual to be able to face problems and see opportunities. On the other hand, with the learning of the covid-19 case, it is certain that humans must return to struggle in a wiser way with consideration to the universe. The tendency to be greedy must be transformed into wisdom in living in harmony with nature, as the wise people said in the past, the earth has provided everything but can humans feel enough? A great homework for human being, a great homework for educators to teach this kind of character to the future hospitality industry people. May All Beings Be Happy.

Part of : Hotel Business Program

Writer : Dea Prasetyawati, S.ST.Par., M.M.


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