Final Journey Service Excellence Batch 2019

After seven meetings in the Room Division Service Excellence course, the class of 2019 got the task to prepare an event concept for their Final Examination. They are required to create a roadmap of Service Excellence for 20 Athletes from Special Olympics Indonesia on the Athleter Leadership & Youth Activation Workshop. 116 Students from HBP 2019 were divided into 12 groups to conceptualize the events, then the event concepts were presented to the lecturers. Flaming Spirit was chosen as the group with the best concept to be used during the event, which means Flaming Spirit is the group that acted as the leader group for the whole students from that batch. Ms. Zilva Boaz, the Project Manager of Special Olympics Indonesia was involved during the whole preparation of the event, and she was impressed with the event concept prepared by the students committee.

The Athlete Leadership Training is actually a program that aims to provide opportunities from them to be able to be actively involved the community both in and off the fields such as being an organization manager, official match, coach, or as a spokesperson and making decisions about the future of Special Olympics.
The activities of the Inclusive Youth Leadership Training are based on sports and education programs that enable youth leaders to campaign to schools and communities as agents of change to promote appreciation and advocacy for citizens with intellectual disabilities.

This activity aims to:

  1. Increase knowledge and skills for athletes in forming positive social relations by following the learning and basic training of leadership.
  2. Recruit athletes as Athlete Leadership personnel to participate in the Athlete Leadership Program, where athletes are expected to become Special Olympics spokespersons, able to become Special Olympics volunteers and skilled in providing input for Special Olympics management and are reliable in delivering the Special Olympics global message.
  3. Forming inclusive friendships so that young people with intellectual disabilities and non-persons with intellectual disabilities who are side by side can act as leaders among peers, forming communities of mutual concern and respect.
  4. Inspire young people through the experience of sports to build a one and whole world and then provide opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities and non-intellectual disabilities to create social change in society.
  5. Gathering all Youth Leaders who have been selected from schools to become Youth Committee in partnership with Special Olympics Indonesia athletes.
  6. Carry out inclusion activities between Athletes and Youth Leaders in sports competitions accompanied by Trainers (“Coach”) and Teachers (“Teachers”).
    (Source: TOR of Athlete Leadership Training & Youth Activation Workshop 2019)

After long preparation process was made, it is time to execute the ideas. On Friday 13th of December 2019, the morning started with all the committees gathered and held a briefing and prayer together. Starting at 8 o’clock all committees were stand by on their stations, including the welcoming committee whom stand by in the lobby of APL Tower to welcome 20 athletes with special needs and also along the campus corridor another student committee was prepared with a smile, a warm welcome and the flag of the activity.

The first day started with a series of speeches and introductions. Followed with the activities where the collaboration between students as youth leaders and athlete leaders was emphasized to ensure tighter bonding. The second day was dedicated as the day of learning and also the determination of a team from Hotel Business Program students as Youth Club Jakarta II with a term of one year. The third day began with outdoor sport games between mentors, youth leaders and athlete leaders, not only students, the lecturers from Hotel Business Program were also involved in the activity.

The activity with Special Olympics Indonesia is basically an initiative from Hotel Business Program to create a commitment between its community to learn, inspire and also get inspiration from each other, which create with the hope to earn values of life. These three days all of the students as well as the mentors were not just learning, but also playing and had fun in a form of final examination that will not only be a value in a transcript but also a life experience for each individual involved. May All Beings Be Happy.

Part of : Hotel Business

Writer : Dea Prasetyawati, S.ST.Par., M.M.
Editor : Marcomm


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