Entrepreneur Coffee Chat Eps 1 with Mr. Wisnu Dewobroto

Younger generation continues to compete in building startups and building careers independently to become new entrepreneurs. In supporting the young generation to become young entrepreneurs, PUCEL together with Marketing Podomoro University organized Entrepreneur Coffee Chat.

Entrepreneur Coffee Chat is a discussion and sharing moment event organized by PUCEL, by inviting success entrepreneurs to share experiences and discussions about their business trips through casual conversation and ambiance to the general public, especially the younger generation and Podomoro University students. Entrepreneur Coffee Chat will be held once a month with different sources for each episode. The purpose of this activity is to increase knowledge about the world of entrepreneurship, especially for young people who come from experienced speakers.

Packed with the concept of coffee chat, PUCEL with Marketing Podomoro University held the first Coffee Chat Entrepreneur at Coffee Bean, Central Park Mall on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 with Mr. Wisnu Dewobroto as speakers and students from various high schools who have an interest in the world of entrepreneurship as a participant.

One of the discussions of Entrepreneur Coffee Chat this time was about entrepreneurial strategic issues in Indonesia, such as the e-commerce market which is dominated by foreign products where currently imported products flood up to 93% of the total products in several large marketplaces in Indonesia. The contribution of products made in Indonesia that are sold on e-commerce platforms does not reach 10%. For this reason, it takes the desires and interests of the younger generation to produce businesses that have an impact on their surroundings, especially for the Indonesian economy.

Even though they are still very young, students were very enthusiastic and interested in becoming young entrepreneurs with tons of interesting ideas that have an impact on their surroundings. Indeed age is not a reason for someone not to have a good impact on the environment, just like Mr. Wisnu’s quote which states that a failed idea is an idea that is not implemented. Not only stopped until here, Entrepreneur Coffee Chat will be back with other experienced speakers in the following months.

Part of : PUCEL

Writer : Jessica
Editor : Markom