‘Cause One Bite is Never Enough

Browbites is a startup in Food and Beverages field which produce brownies products. Unlike other brownies, this product has soft and dense textured cakes that cut to the size of  single meal are packed with new innovations. Browbites using a standing pouch equipped with ziplock. They use standing pouch with ziplock so that brownie fans can carry and enjoy every piece of Browbites wherever and whenever.

Browbites was founded by six Podomoro University students majoring in Entrepreneurship namely Vian Sebastian, Ekaputra Suhandojo, Erika Rachel, Maria Gitta, Lung Giatto and Christian Dawir in 2018. With tagline “Cause One Bite is Never Enough”, Browbites was loved by many people ranging from children, teenagers to adults. Until now, Browbites has experienced an increase in sales both offline by joining bazaars, expo, and other activities and online through social media such as Instagram (@browbites).

Beside, innovating brownie products, Browbites has an empowerment purpose by helping housewives to have an income in their spare time. The revenue of Browbites will be shared to housewives worker who has support Browbites.

This year, Browbites had the opportunity to take part in the 2019 Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBBI). KBMI was organized by the Director General of Belmawa Kemenristekdikti in order to encourage the emergence of young entrepreneurs in higher education. In the process of proposing the KMBI proposal, Browbites joined the Coaching Clinic, which assisted by PUCEL’s Coaches. The proposal for the 2019 KBMI proposal is done by completing the online form completely and uploading the proposal and supplementary documents on the SIM-PKMI website.

The Browbites’ proposals are assessed and evaluated by reviewers consisting of academics/experts, business practitioners, and DG Belmawa. After going through the process of proposing proposals and evaluations, on July 1st, 2019, Kemenristekdikti announced the results of the assessment which established business groups that had successfully received the KBMI 2019 grants.

It is true that every hard work definitely will be paid off with satisfying results, which also felt by Browbites, because of the total 2019 KBMI proposals submitted throughout Indonesia were 7420 proposals. Then, selected to 407 proposals from business groups throughout Indonesia that have succeeded in obtaining funds help, and Browbites is one of them. The grant funds obtained will be used for Browbites business development for better product improvement.

Part of: PUCEL

Writer: Jessica
Editor: Marcomm