Architecture program in Podomoro University provides an opportunity for every student to obtain an education that integrates art and engineering in the field of building architecture with supporting knowledge, such as mechanical, electrical, waterway systems, structures, and so forth.

The learning process emphasizes on applied science based on information technology with design simulation. Students gain industry experiences through organic laboratory activities and internship programs.


In 2020 Architecture Program in Podomoro University will create a high quality environment through an integrated education system of professional and industrial theory and practice, with global insight and producing entrepreneurial graduates


  1. Organize architectural higher education that teaches the science of architecture and skills in designing environment and cross-disciplinary environment in an integrated manner with professional and industrial practices.
  2. Organize research and community service activities with a global perspective as a form of social responsibility.
  3. Build the pride and excellence of study programs through teaching, research and community service collaboration regionally and internationally
  4. Organize quality control of the learning process and providing complete facilities / infrastructure with easy access for each student.
  5. Generate graduates who have competencies in architectural science, design skills, have entrepreneurial spirit and global insight
Oliver Kenny

Architecture 2016

Podomoro University has proven it’s promised during my study here. In the academic field, I was amazed by the knowledge and skills that I gained in architecture field and also related to entrepreneurship. Podomoro University  has shaped me to be a better person, i.e. dare to take challenge and be responsible

Grace Widjaja

Architecture 2014

My 4 years journey in Podomoro University was a right start for my future. Through the facility, technology, and organic lab as those assisted me in gaining knowledge, skills and competencies. And it’s social life was very active because there are various student activities in Podomoro University.

Adli Nadia, S.T., M.T.
Adli Nadia, S.T., M.T. is a Head of Architecture Program, he was graduated from Diponegoro University major in Architecture.Got his Master’s Degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung major in Architectural Design.
His specialist research area are Experimental and Design Process in Architecture Urban Design.
Audrey Juliana, B.A.Arch., M.Arch.
Audrey Juliana, B.A.Arch.,M.Arch. was graduated from University of Washington, Seattle, USA major in Architectural Studies and got her Master’s Degree from Tsinghua University, China major in Architecture. Her specialist research area are Architecture, Integration of Architecture and Landscape, Urban Planning.
Doni Fireza, S.T., M.T.
Doni Fireza, S.T., M.T. was graduated from Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta major in Architecture. Got his Master’s Degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung major in Landscape Architecture.
His specialist research area are Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Religious Architecture, Ecological Design.
Sani Heryanto, S.T., M.Sc.
Sani Heryanto, S.T., M.Sc. was graduated from Tarumanagara University major in Architecture.
Got his Master’s Degree is from National University of Singapore (NUS) major in Building Science.
His specialty research area are Architectural Practice & Management.
Santoni, S.Ars., M.T.
Santoni, S.Ars., M.T. was graduated from Pelita Harapan University major in Architecture. Got his Master’s Degree from Parahyangan Catholic University major in Architecture Research Urban Morphology and Building Typology.
His specialty research area are Urban Design, Public Space and Human Behavior.
Yaseri Dahlia Apritasari, S.T, M.T.
Yaseri Dahlia Apritasari, S.T, M.T. was graduated from Institute Technology of Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya major in Architecture, got her Master’s Degree from Institut Technology Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya major in Building Science. Her specialty research area are Science Technology & Architecture, Green H & Building, Energy & Climate.


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