5 Main “Ingredients” to Make a 5 Star Hotelier

Surely you all have walked in the hallway at a 5 star hotel, and seen people who are well groomed on duty. Those who work in the hospitality industry are called “Hotelier”. Since the tourism industry is growing rapidly, everyone seems to be competing to become a Hotelier because the opportunities offered by being a hotelier are vast, ranging from promising career paths, access towards the international world that allows you to be able to work in other parts of the world that you never imagined before, an income that is no less tempting with other big industries and of course you want to have good confidence and sparkle amongst all of your friends with typical grooming ala hotelier.

Here are 5 ingredients to make “Five Star Hotelier”:

1. “At Your Service” Attitude
The skill to become a hotelier can certainly be learned anywhere, but not so with attitude. Attitude born from the mindset. Do not be surprised, if one day you walk in a five star hotel and see the General Manager serving guests directly with all their heart, even though there are other staff who are ready to help, this is called the attitude of the heart that is always ready to serve.
So, first, make sure you have an attitude that is always alert and ready to serve. Don’t worry, this can be trained at home, starting by getting used to serving one another in the family environment.

2. Open Minded
Hotelier with five-star caliber will be very exposed to the international environment, where they are required to be able to interact with people from various backgrounds, ethnicities, races, religions, nationalities. A Hotelier who works in a hotel might be transferred to another hotel in another part of the world, where the people there certainly have different backgrounds. In this case a hotelier must be able to be Open Minded.

3. Technology Savvy
Like other industries, the world of tourism is also developing so rapidly that now, into the future, industry will definitely rely on technology to assist in the daily tasks of a Hotelier. Therefore, a reliable Hotelier must be technology savvy.

4. X Factor
As we have understood, the potential to work in the hospitality sector is indeed very broad, but keep in mind, not a few people who want to become a Hotelier as well. Therefore, if you want to be a hotelier, you cannot be an ordinary person. You must have a strong character. Must be a unique person, this factor will make you stands out among your competitors from all parts of the world.

5. Happiness Vibes
Everyone who goes to a five-star hotel or restaurant must be served until the guests being served are happy with the services offered. However, it is almost impossible for us to make someone feel happy if we as people who serve do not feel happy our self. Not that a hotelier has never felt sadness, but as a good hotelier, you must have a cheerful character, positive thinking, positive behavior so that positive energy can also be felt by guests.

Those are the 5 main ingredients to become a Five Star Hotelier. Are you ready to become a high quality Hotelier? Fasten your Seat Belt and get ready to fly around the world with your five-star service!

Part of : Hotel Business

Writer : Douwes Lasmana, M.I.Kom, CPC
Editor : Marcomm


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