1st Semester Students of Podomoro University Entrepreneurship Program won Business Plan Competition at Mercubuana University

Business plan is a basic thing  for running a business in order to remain creative and focus on the objectives set from the start. The business plan helps to make it easier to run a business by knowing practical steps in dealing with competition, making promotions, and other activities so that the business becomes more effective.

To produce young Indonesian entrepreneurs who can create jobs opportunities and reduce unemployment also sharpen the ability of students of young entrepreneurs in making business plans, Mercu Buana University held a 2019 Business Plan Competition held in August 2019. Podomoro University through PUCEL participated in the Business Plan Competition 2019 with Browbites business group. The purpose of this activity is to foster motivation in entrepreneurship for students and develop new, well-educated entrepreneurs.

In the 2019 Business Plan Competition travel process, each group that wishes to participate must pass several stages such as Registration and Selection Phase 1 where at this stage participant will register their business groups and send a Pitch Deck to the activity committee. Each group that has successfully passed Phase 1 selection will be contacted by the committee to follow the next stage, namely Presentation and Pitching.

During the Pitch Deck selection stage, Browbites successfully advanced the Presentation and Pitching phase which was held on August 8th, 2019 at the Prof. Harun Zain Auditorium of Mercu Buana University.

As part of the opening series of the 2019 Business Plan Competition and Presentation Pitching event, Dr. Wachyu Hari Haji as Head of the Entrepreneurship Development Center of the University of Mercubuana gave a warm welcome. Then proceed with a business presentation conducted by each team consisting of 10 student teams from the University of DKI Jakarta region, one of which is Podomoro University. The presentation team was assessed by 3 (three) judges namely Dr. Wachyu Hari Haji, Mr. Mochamad Mirza and Mr. Eko Putra Boediman.

In one of his presentations, Browbites discussed about the issue that formed the background of Browbites’ business that in each process Browbites could not be separated from the support of housewives who wanted to have income in between their free time.

After going through all the processes, Browbites successfully won 2nd Place in the 2019 Business Competition and obtained venture capital of IDR 3,000,000 (Three Million Rupiah).

“… this world is not for those who climb stairs provided by others, but for those who make their own stairs. Design your own ladder, climb your own success wherever and whenever. “(Fahd Pahdepie).

It is not easy to compete with business groups from other universities, but Browbites has proven that with the will and hard work, such as impossible to not be able to climb to the higher steps.

Congratulations to Browbites!

Part of : PUCEL

Writer : Jessica
Editor : Marcomm